What is the shooting fish game? A Full Introducing to shooting fish game!

Fish Hunter Game is a game created surging fever in the gaming market in many countries a few years ago. It is true that playing fish hunter at online sites not only helps you have moments of entertainment but also gives players small rewards too.

What is the shooting fish game?

Game shooting fish is a good game that is recognized worldwide. It requires players certain skills of quickness, quick eyes, dexterity and calculation mind. When entering the game shooting fish table, players will have to align the direction of catching, watching the fish you have chosen to shoot bullets correctly. When a sufficient number of bullets the player will kill the fish and get the corresponding reward.

As far as CMD368 is known, shooting fish is a fishing game just released in early 2018 that has caused a fierce fever in the past summer has been in the top 100 most searched and still no sign. signal stopped. This game is upgraded from shooting online game shooting fish on the computer to shooting fish are played on all devices today from computers, phones, TVs or tablets.

Play Fish Shooting

1. Shoot fish in groups:

What is the shooting fish game? A Full Introducing to fish shooting game!
 Schools of fish

How to play fish hunter and shoot fish in groups, we will use 4 -5 coins to shoot, at some point a large average fish appears (about 4 to 5 fishes) let’s shoot in the middle of the fish, each of us will collect 5 cents, so the more fish we have, the more coins we will earn. 

However, we need to pay attention that every time a school of fish swims through, there will usually be a very large fish swimming around the line of fire, we have to wait and shoot properly.

2. Shoot fish individually:

What is the shooting fish game? A Full Introducing to fish shooting game!
Shoot each fish

With the individual swimming fish, we will use 2-cent bullets, these bullets do not need to spread and destroy 1 fish very well, with the average fish appear we will use 2-bullet bullets continuous firing continue when they die.

However, if you shoot 3 to 5 bullets and they do not die, then stop shooting this fish because it has gone far, and you will spend another money to shoot it and still not die.

3. Shoot sharks and big fish:

What is the shooting fish game? A Full Introducing to fish shooting game!
Aim at Big Fish

This game is only for those who have a fairly high amount of money, about thousands of cents to play. Then you will not have to shoot the miscellaneous only 1-2 cents that shoot the shark, the big fish, and the mermaid. Use the most money bullets (usually 7 bullets) because each fish shoots successfully you will get 100 to 200 coins and other rewards.

Evaluate the point for the game of shooting fish of genius

This is a rating from veteran fish shooting members excluding new members, so please use this article as a reference instead of a comment. All of these points were collected by 132 members and were assessed objectively for at least 6 months playing their god of fish, the following are some of the criteria to be assessed:


Modern Standard at CMD368
Modern Standard at CMD368

With a rating of 9/10, the picture and sound have now been upgraded to a new level, the graphics become crisp and clear and upgraded to HD. The members rated this game.


5/10 now the game is still limited to the number of players participating in a game room, the maximum can only be 4 people while other shooting fish games up to 8 or 10, so it will affect players who like to be crowded because they cannot gather with their comrades.


7/10 The system to make batch fish becomes more reasonable, not too fast or sometimes too slow as before. The publisher has improved and balanced this game system better than the past.

10/10 Gun upgraded from level 1 to 1000 so the player can freely play shooting fish according to his economic pocket money without having to be afraid of costly as before. The good point is that the level of the gun is arbitrarily selected to help gamers diversify their shooting strategy.

What is the shooting fish game? A Full Introducing to fish shooting game!
Supporting features


3/10 of the feature is still in beta, although you can chat easily with other players as it is still not very special. For example, the publisher can upgrade features such as Stickers, Emoji so that will make the chat more fun and interesting.


8/10 Compared to the previous version, perhaps the update did not disappoint, 5 new skills appeared in this new session including Electric gun, condensing gun, continuous machine gun. , high-class laser guns and ice guns.

Explained Items Feature
Explained Items Feature


9/10 Many types of fish appear to make the game more dramatic than ever: Whales, blue dolphins, primitive fish, ancient sharks … until the giant Boss species belonging to the massive series appear. In order for you to drop likes to shoot.

Storms of bosses
Storms of bosses


6.5/10 It must be admitted that this time the game of shooting fish has more mysterious gifts than the previous one but the weekly rate has become uneven as before. There are days when morning exams appear more than afternoon or evening, there are days when even a gift box doesn’t appear.

Special gifts
Special gifts


7/10 Features such as Ranking, Player Support, Club, Events have been developed quite well, there is nothing to complain about but there are still many errors that make the game become an obstacle for the player.


7/10 This is really a game to experience, although there are still bugs, the publisher is still in the process of improvement, so these 7 points from professional gamer players who win scratch cards are really very worthy. If you are not satisfied with this version, you can play other games while waiting for the next update.


Above is the information about the evaluation of the shooting fish game genius HOT in recent times. Hopefully, the above information really helps you and finally, CMD368 wishes you a happy shooting season and have a lot of luck.
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