If it comes to the popular game making money method, it can be listed as a shooting game to make money into the priority. Have 5 Shooting Fish Tips To Become A Millionaire Fish Hunter In a Blink Of An Eye! Uh, really.

However, many people often tell that suffering, shooting fish to eat money is difficult to win. There are many people who spend hours with a lot of money to play but still fail. Here, I would like to share the method of shooting fish to earn money for the eyelids that you are still fumbling with ” profession ”.

It is acclaimed that this is a fun game to make money that many people should not miss. Everyone is passionate about money-making games because of its appeal, but not everyone can do it. If you keep losing repeatedly without removing gauze, then look at this post, because you have the wrong method!

Fish Hunter Interface
Fish Hunter Interface

Come on, find out how to win this shooting fish game at CMD368!

This is really a very simple game and easy to manipulate. Therefore, there are many people who choose it to plan “ pocket money ”. It attracts all ages, from young to old, from students to staff. Thanks to a variety of bullets, big or small bets are okay, and there is no distinction between professional players. career or amateur. Important is still your real battle experience.

1. Shoot in different directions

Everyone has a “ difficult long-term disease” ‘, which is always focusing on shooting big fish for many rewards, quick victory, but ignoring the small fish “ potential to make money ”. You did not know that, you went the wrong way, not learning cow was worried about running.

Big fish shoots very hard to die and take a lot of bullets. Even if stray bullets and other fish will die, you will not earn any money for stray bullets. Therefore, you should apply strategies to shoot in different directions to be able to kill in mass.

Rotate the barrel of the gun continuously and shoot each bullet to save bullets.

Shoot slowly to each bullet in one direction. We should pan the gun around to shoot everything but should not focus on one at all.

This is an advantage because you can hit one bullet with a few shots and the probability of death is more even because the bullets fired, in the same way, will go in many directions to hit much fish, and then focus a few more rounds. For bigger fish; it will increase the ability to shoot and kill fish higher than other competitors.

Big Fish at CMD368
Big Fish at CMD368

2. Slow fire, fast shooting

If only a Fish Hunter appears, just shoot slowly. If you can shoot it successfully, then it belongs to you with deserving rewards. This way can save a great deal of bullets resources of you.

Shooting big fish takes a lot of bullets, and many opponents are aiming. If I have less bullets than my opponent, the probability of losing is very high, it’s nothing but a waste of bullets.

In addition, learn how to shoot bullets gradually to become proficient. Many of you have earned a few hundred thousand in just a few minutes.

Slow and fast strategy
Slow and fast strategy

3. Use bullets in a reasonable and most effective way

The game principle is to shoot a lot of fish, accumulate a lot of points, the chances of a win at Fish Hunter Online Sites will be high. Focus on the target, especially the bigger the fish, the more points it gets. However, to destroy large fish requires a lot of bullets and fighting experience. Therefore, if you are not a professional, shooting small fish and accumulating points gradually is a more reasonable strategy

For individual fish, the player needs to see the exact target and release the bullet, the fish will be defeated

When the fish are in a flock, a different tactic is to be used to rotate the barrel and shoot continuously around the fish to destroy more fish than aim at a specific fish.

Large fish are often difficult to destroy but not impossible to destroy them. For this type of fish, smart people often use small bullets to shoot around the fish in order to weaken them, then pin them down with big bullets. This way is very effective to avoid wasting large bullets to destroy the target

4. Say no to the automatic firing feature

Auto  mode
Auto  mode

The automatic firing feature helps players very leisurely by simply pointing the gun in a corner and discharging bullets continuously. Mostly this feature does not help the player in destroying fish at all. Because when the bullet hits any creature, it will explode immediately.

If you encounter a school of fish using this feature, each fish will only eat 1-2 bullets and have no problem at all while your bullets keep flying.

5. Time of shooting fish

5 Shooting Fish Tips To Become A Millionaire Fish Hunter In a Blink

Experienced players share that the moment when fish are most easily destroyed is when they are off the game and when they move to the corner. This time the player just needs to release the bullet, the probability of destroying the fish will be the highest.

For the fish that move to the corner when you release the bullet, the bullet will hit the target causing them to be destroyed quickly, sometimes causing the surrounding fish to die as well.


Above shared are 5 great tips to shoot fish for money at CMd368. This is an entertaining game that we can not take initiative and calculate; However, there is no way to conquer it. The CMD368 now has exciting fish shooting games; With lots of extremely attractive betting games, extremely high payout rates; make sure to satisfy all gamers passionate about conquering the ocean.

So what are you waiting for without quickly registering an account at CMD368 today? Become a ‘fish-hunting millionaire’, why not?
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